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VMS Construction


Rutland, VT

kW Installed:
26.2 kW DC
Our Work:
We are pleased to be working with VMS Construction on a flat-roof, ballasted array atop their Downtown Rutland, Vermont office/showroom. VMS is located just a few blocks away from our headquarters, and like us, work statewide. Also like us - the company embraces a philosophy of building a strong team with diverse skill sets in order to meet the custom demands of it's client base.
Pictured here is owner Vic Shappy, posing next to his new solar generating meter and Enphase Energy combiner box. Enphase microinverters are state-of-the-art devices that attach to each module and convert its DC power to usable AC electricity. This is the most efficient and code compliant way for a business to go solar.
We also include, many months of design and engineering,  installation photos.  The photos show our team laying out the racking "buckets", held down with concrete ballast blocks (we use an extra-durable model endorsed by the Department of Transportation) and placing/wiring modules. Our Master Electrician is seen installing a new solar generating service (next to a mural that kind of resembles him:).
We are delighted to have turned  this prominent, local contractor into a #solarbusiness!