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full service solar design & installation

Our Process

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Your home, your concerns, and your electrical needs are the basis of our custom designs. 

We study the energy you have historically used and discuss your energy plans for the future. We have nothing pre-planned or cookie cutter to present. 

Initial Conversation

When you approach Same Sun we ask a number of questions to initially determine if a site visit is right for your home or business, and to begin to determine what we will be looking for when we come out.

solar evaluation & contract

Our solar evaluations are detailed assessments of your site, consisting of roof and/or ground measurements, multiple solar resource readings, and an inspection of your electrical service, among other information that is necessary to design and price the installation that will work for your property and your needs. We go over your current electric bill(s) and ask about future needs. This process can take up to two hours, and we ask for all interested parties to be present to ensure that all decision-makers understand the facts and benefits of going solar. Learn more about the site visit in our blog post: Do I Have a Good Site for Solar?

Once the evaluation is complete, our team will propose one or more options for your solar array, based on your needs, and present a contract to you, with a preliminary design, within 48 hours.

permitting & technical design

If you choose to do business with us, a second, more technical visit will occur with a project manager to finalize the design of your system. At the same time we will complete applications for any and all appropriate permits and registrations. Once these steps are completed, we will place your solar array on our production schedule.

construction & commissioning

Our project manager will be in contact with you regarding the exact day and time our crew will begin and end your work. You will be informed about any equipment, job trailer, etc. that will be stored on site, and we will do our best to keep intrusion to a minimum, and remove all debris when complete.

final visit & maintenance

Once your solar array is completed and commissioned by your utility company, an executive from Same Sun will set a final appointment to come to your home to go over final paperwork, provide an owner’s manual and answer any final questions or concerns you may have. We will make sure you understand your warranties, and will be available to answer any questions once you begin receiving your new utility bills.