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protecting your investment

Service & Maintenance

For the First Time, Solar is Starting to Show its Age

Many years of experience have shown us that, while solar has gotten more economical and efficient, it has also become more sophisticated.  This sophistication has called for solar repair to become a specialized trade with a unique skill set required.  

Despite the unmatched resilience of PV systems, underlying issues can arise, which if undetected can lead to significant cumulative production losses. From subpar installation workmanship and design, to ongoing environmental stresses, we have found many arrays under-performing – even falling under the radar of inverter-direct monitoring systems. 

Our service team has been called upon to troubleshoot and repair a variety of issues – from rodent-chewed conductors to broken conduit, poor wire management on the roof to failed power optimizers and more.

Same Sun is dedicated to realizing the peak performance of your solar array

When you have been installing solar as long as we have, the skills and experiences seamlessly transfer from installation to service.  This is crucial in maintaining our workmanship warranties, and a dedicated team means less waiting for our customers.  In addition, as solar companies come and go, Same Sun has been called on time and time again to care for orphaned solar systems when something goes wrong.

Our technicians know what to look for and will keep a gap in your conduit or a loose terminal from turning into a situation that requires a repair call to get your system back online.  An inspection of your solar array is a great way to make sure it is working the way you have come to expect.   We look forward to finding solutions for those of you who, by going solar, have already become Part of the Solution to climate change.

Industrial / Solar Field Maintenance

Any downtime with a solar array is unfortunate. But when it is on a very large scale, production loss can equal hundreds of dollars a day. Many of these large arrays were built privately by individuals who saw solar as a wise investment, but the success of the investment is dependent upon ensuring maximum generation.  Large solar fields can have many points of possible issues. These can be as small as one module-to-module connector arcing due to moisture intrusion or as large as finding and coordinating with the utility to replace a blown fuse or transformer that will shut an entire solar site down.

We perform inspections to limit any downtime and subsequent loss of production and revenue, conducting minor and sometimes major repairs as quickly as possible, sometimes even at the inspection itself. Preventative maintenance can consist of visual inspections, thermal scans to check for arcing or resistance in conductors, checking for proper/secure wire connections, firmware updates, sealing up junction boxes or any electrical housing, cleaning cooling fans, removing any pests that like to chew on wires or make their nests inside electrical components that stay warm even in the winter, or even making sure that a mowing service is properly keeping the array clear and unshaded.


Service Maintenance Offerings