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Solar solutions for homes and businesses, designed to maximize energy generation, while looking good on your roof, garage, yard or other location.

Same Sun is at the forefront of Electric Vehicles and  EV Charging Infrastructure.  We think the switch from gas to electric-powered travel is critical in our fight against climate change. 

Solar arrays are built to last, but maintenance is sometimes required for optimal performance.  Talk to us about about options to protect your investment.

Select Projects

VMS Construction

Rutland, VT

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The Royal Group

Rutland, VT

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26.4kW Residential Ground Mount

Hebron, NY

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Otter Valley Union High School

Brandon, VT

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Weston Priory

Weston, VT

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7.98kW Residential Roof-Mount

Plainfield, NH

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Tunbridge Solar

Benson & Royalton, VT

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6.08kW Residential Roof Mount

Wardsboro, Vermont

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Years in Business
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kW Installed
> 1000
kWh Generated
10 Thousand TONS
Carbon Offset

Family Owned and Operated Since 2011

At Same Sun of Vermont, we treat our customers like family – because we operate like a family. 

Investing in Solar solutions is an exciting step forward for your home or your business.  We pride ourselves in superior customer service – staying on top of changes in technologies and sourcing premium components to ensure your investment lasts. 

Attention to detail is just one of the things that makes Same Sun Vermont stand out – we care deeply about your investment in solar and go out of our way to ensure your satisfaction.

Now is the Perfect Time to Go Solar

Long Term Savings

Solar energy is a simple solution to combat the rising cost of electricity needed to power today's connected home or business.

Tax Incentives

There are tax incentives and, depending on where you live, rebates offered for solar, EVs and electrical upgrades, making the decision to switch an easy one

Planet Friendly

Climate change has been caused by humans, and must be solved by humans. Each solar array will offset TONS of carbon in it's lifecycle. Be part of the solution!


Community Engagement

Whether you’re looking to add a charging station inside your garage or outside your place of business, Same Sun Vermont has the expertise and knowledge on best solutions available.


We have always believed that solarizing non-profit organizations allow them to save money that is better spent on their missions.


A special passion, this next generation of students will consider renewable energy, and electric vehicles, a “new normal” and insist upon their use.

Latest News

Considering Solar and want to learn more?  We have a variety of knowledge-based articles that will help you decide.

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