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The future is happening now

EV Chargers

Nearly Every Major Carmaker has Announced the Addition of Electric Vehicles to their Lines and for the First Time, we Have a Wide Array of Choices

Full adoption of Electric Vehicles is dependent on car owners being able to charge their vehicles.  In rural areas, which characterizes most of Vermont, people tend to have garages or driveways in which a dedicated Level II charger may be installed.  This allows most vehicles to fully charge in 6-8 hours, as opposed to the 48+ it would take on a standard 120V electrical outlet.   

Sometimes a longer trip is necessary, which requires drivers to plan their charging stops.  In this case, there are networks and “apps” that help locate public charging stations.  The best case is that one can plan a trip using these apps, coordinating charger locations with overnight or meal breaks.  Similar to the vehicles available, the numbers of public stations are increasing by leaps and bounds. 

We Install All Types of EV Chargers

Same Sun is dedicated to further the public’s understanding and greater adoption of electric vehicles.  As such, we have made it a priority to offer the service of installing a Level II charger – for cost if done at the same time as a solar installation, or cost + labor for existing customers and others. 


Also, in order to support the widespread availability of public chargers, we have worked with a number of car dealerships or public-frequented areas to offer high-speed chargers. 

For Decades, Energy From the Sun has Powered our Lights & Appliances

Customers that went solar generally traded their use of coal-powered electricity from their local utility, to cleaner renewable energy.  However, most in our area continued to heat their homes with oil or propane and drive gasoline powered vehicles.  We are proud that by supporting EV and charging technologies, we are contributing to reducing the amount of gas vehicles on the road, which has a much greater environmental benefit. 

Now solar can also heat our homes and water, nearly eliminating our need for fossil fuels.  What’s better than heating, cooling and driving powered by electricity?  When that electricity comes from the SUN!