Why do the Allens visit their clients?

by Philip Allen
President, Same Sun of Vermont, Inc.

Marlene and I had positive experiences the two times we went solar with Grosolar back so many years ago.  But, as with many companies, they were done with us once we paid our final bill.  We starting thinking about how the world has changed.  How many times do you actually speak with or meet the owner of a business you are dealing with? Even having a manager at a restaurant come over to your table is as rare as hen’s teeth.  It makes us wonder who is really in charge of the operation.  Who is taking the compliments when they come or the criticism when it is necessary?

We Are Overgrown Consumers

When we opened Same Sun, we made ourselves a promise that if we were lucky enough to get a customer that we would treat them as we would have liked to be treated back when we were the consumer.  We would see the project through from beginning to after the end with them.  This means for us, that each client is offered a post- installation visit with a walk through of the system, presentation of the Owner’s Manual with explanation of all final paperwork, and a gift.

More than just informative, the visit treats the turning on of a solar array as the exciting, special occasion that it is.  Twelve years into our business, we have not changed this policy. We admit it was a lot easier in the first year when we had fewer clients but we will always take time for this experience. The solar array is built and producing power, all the monies have changed hands and now we can celebrate! We will never give that up.

Our Final Visit Affords Us Many Opportunities

We are able to inspect the solar array, go over the Owner’s Manual we have created and give a gift of appreciation. Our clients use the opportunity to get any technical questions answered and to discuss their experience with our crew.

By the time Marlene and I meet our clients they have dealt with our salesperson, at least two members of our office team and our project managers. A crew of four builds the array and are in their home for typically 3 – 5 days. That’s a lot of contact with our staff. Our clients volunteer the good experiences they have. In the rare case that a client felt something should have been done differently or they are unsatisfied in any way, we the owners are in their home to make it right. This is a level of quality control we cannot imagine if we did not come to each home after the job is done.

The Best Part of our Visit

For both Marlene and I the best part of our visits is to learn why folks have gone solar and what they are trying to achieve environmentally and financially.  As the market changes and people’s motivations change, we stay current with our clients. The type of people who go solar share with us the same pride in the production of clean energy that we first felt 17 years ago. They show us their heat pumps, their EVs – what they have done and what they are planning. They tell us how their children feel about renewable energy and we all talk a lot about our pets!

When you go solar with Same Sun and the installation is complete, if you choose, Marlene and I will come and learn how the whole process went for you. We will gratefully accept any compliments you have of our crew and accommodate any criticism.

In our belief, we are the only solar company that does this. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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