Announcing the 580-watt Eagle 72 G6B Bifacial solar module.  Manufactured by Jinko Solar, one of the largest Tier One companies. These durable industrial-grade modules are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are now available for residential and small commercial solar ground arrays. 

Here’s why we’re excited:       

  • More Power with Fewer Modules – 580 watts per module is a big leap, as prior to this our best option for solar ground arrays maxed out at 485 watts per module.  This means that an average array consisting of 24 485’s can be built with only 20 modules, taking up less yard space and with a lower height;
  • Power From Both Sides The bifacial technology harnesses reflected light from the ground, snow or other surfaces. This increases energy generation; 
  • Made in the USASame Sun insists on American-made components but it hasn’t always been easy, or even possible.  Eagle modules are now being manufactured domestically;
  • 30-Year Performance GuaranteeThese modules are warrantied to be at least 87.4% effective at the end of 30 years.

The high wattage modules makes solar ground arrays efficient to install, and we are offering our lowest prices ever for these.

Also – Vermont Incentives are changing on August 1st, so want to commit before then.

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