Why Silfab Solar Panels?

Often when choosing a brand, one has to compromise.  I like this, but I’m not happy with that.  I wish features from two different products were available in one product.  Promising technology, but unattractive appearance.   It looks good but it is poorly made, etc. etc. etc.  Imagine if something came along that checks every box, that you could fully endorse with no compromises.  That would certainly be exciting. Well, this is what we have with Silfab.

Silfab EliteTM 410-watt modules are the solar panels for us with no excuses and no compromise.  

Technically Superior

The Elite offers 410 watts at 21.4 % efficiency through Silfab’s proprietary X-pattern technology, which combines an integrated cell design with a conductive backsheet to create a more efficient and powerful solar panel.  

Aesthetically Pleasing

We have never seen a more sleek and elegant appearance than these all-black solar modules. The flare-like patterning with no white backsheet blends with and even enhances our clients’ rooftops and the entire home’s appearance. 

Unsurpassed Reliability

Silfab has over forty years of  solar design and manufacturing experience, beginning in Toronto, Canada with an expansion into Washington State (two existing facilities, and a third announced for 2024).  The company delivers “Buy American” approved PV modules specifically designed for weather conditions in the North American market.

For further peace of mind, Silfab offers two industry-leading warranty coverages: a 25-year craftsmanship warranty and a performance warranty of nearly 83% after 30 years.

American Products, Vermont Jobs

This has been the standard for Same Sun of Vermont since we began in 2011.  It hasn’t always been easy.  Silfab Elite, being manufactured in Washington State, tells our clients many important things. First, we are supporting good-paying American manufacturing jobs.  Some other nations use child labor, prison labor or pay poor wages to their workers. Second, we know that a factory is Washington is living up to high environmental standards, practically non-existent in China and some other countries. American made helps protect us from supply chain issues and like any manufacturing of power providing technology, it keeps America self-sufficient and secure.

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