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Wallingford Crushed Stone


Wallingford, VT

kW Installed:
500kW kW DC
Our Work:

Wallingford Crushed Stone, owned by Troy Minerals, Inc., consists of land on both sides of Route 7 in Wallingford.  When Green Mountain Power moved the three-phase power lines to the land opposite the quarry, Stephen Chmielewski, President of Troy Minerals, saw the opportunity for solar.  Starting with 150kW in the northern field in 2016, it became apparent that this would not supply enough power for all of the quarry's pumps and machinery.  In 2018, we added another 350kW in the southern field.

Stephen also protected his investment with a maintenance contract from our Service Division, and included photos from last Spring's Site Inspection Report show minimal issues, except for vegetation management needed.