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Solar Center at Rutland Regional is ON!

This 140.4kW Ground Mount was commissioned on 12/11/2013.  

See production and project information here.

Regional Ambulance Service awarded nonprofit grant

We are pleased that the 4th and final nonprofit grant awarded by Green Mountain Power has gone to the Rutland Regional Ambulance Service.  Same Sun will be installing their 16.2kW system on the roof of their facility.  Text of the press release is below.

PEG-TV is on!

PEG-TV, one of three Rutland city non-profit entities to be awarded a $20,000 grant from Green Mountain Power to go solar, is the first to complete its installation.  The system, rated at 9.72kW DC, consists of 36 270-watt Solarworld modules, roof-mounted.  

See pictures of the installation here.


Same Sun Procures Grants for Rutland Non-Profits

Green Mountain Power recently held a competition for $20,000 block grants available for Rutland City nonprofits that would commit matching funds for a solar system.  Same Sun is responsible for two of the three grants awarded, and we are thrilled to be working with PEG-TV and the Vermont Farmer's Food Center.

Text of GMP press release is below:

News Release

Contact: Steve Costello, Green Mountain Power (802) 793-4031   

For immediate release: Aug. 7, 2013

Same Sun Awarded RRMC Solar Project

Nice article in the June 5th  Rutland Herald about our being awarded the contract to build the Solar Center at Rutland Regional, that will be owned by Green Mountain Power.

Text of article:


Crayola - A Same Sun Choice Product

"Made with Solar Energy"

We were delighted to look at a a box of Crayola Crayons, and see those words right on the package, and right underneath the "Made in USA" image.  This exemplifies our goal with Same Sun Choice--American Manufacturers, with pride, stating that they choose to power their operations with clean, renewable, solar energy.  

Announcing our new venture...


News Release

Contact: Philip and Marlene Allen, (802) 775-7900  

For immediate release: January 31, 2013


Same Sun owners plan unique solar store in downtown Rutland

Creek Path is ON!


The Insourcing Boom by Charles Fishman, Atlantic Magazine

 Heard this author on VPR yeaterday talking about this interesting and optimistic article.  Decades into the "outsourcing boom", where the majority of American product developers fled their onshore manufacturing facilities for inexpensive Chinese labor, the same companies are beginning to realize what has been lost.  Years and miles of seperation from the maufacture/assembly process of the products caused decline in quality and loss of innovation.


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