The Insourcing Boom by Charles Fishman, Atlantic Magazine

 Heard this author on VPR yeaterday talking about this interesting and optimistic article.  Decades into the "outsourcing boom", where the majority of American product developers fled their onshore manufacturing facilities for inexpensive Chinese labor, the same companies are beginning to realize what has been lost.  Years and miles of seperation from the maufacture/assembly process of the products caused decline in quality and loss of innovation.

Same Sun in VtDigger - 12/5/12


Rutland positioned to catch solar economic boom

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Creek Path in Rutland Herald, 11-21-12


Article in the Rutland Herald:

The main focus is on Green Mountain Power's next project, estimated at 2MW at a landfill location owned by the CIty of RUtland.  However, there are some nice photos of our guys at the Creek Path site, working with students from Stafford Tecnical Center -- the next generation of "green" workers!

Same Sun on Vermont Public Radio

Article as it appeared on VPR.Net; the story aired on Vermont Edition. September 24th.  


Press Release: Same Sun Awarded GMP's First Solar City Project


Same Sun of Vermont is proud to announce that we have been selected winner of the first solar competition sponsored by the new Green Mountain Power, a 150kW project that will be known as Creek Path Solar Farm. 

The announcement came at a solar summit held in Rutland, where solar and other renewable developers, local and state officials and business leaders met to learn about and discuss GMP’s vision to make Rutland the solar capital of Vermont and create enough solar to provide the highest solar reliance per capita of any city in the northeast.

The Smart Meter Controversy

There has been a quite prominent public campaign on both sides of hte Smart Grid Issue.  Utility companies, such as CVPS and Green Mountain Power are rolling out their "Smart Grid" programs, which  they say will enable smarter communications between provider and customer, and more information about how power is being used.  Opponents complain about possible health effects from radio waves, and have also raised privacy issues.  

In Vermont, even proponents could not understand why CVPS was charging a fee to opt out of the smart meter.  Well, the new energy bill changed that:  

A Better Way to do Solar Hot Water

A recent article in the blog Green Building Advisor caught my interest:: Solar Thermal Is Dead.  A bold statement indeed, and pretty close to true.

The article lays out some facts that are a bit dated, but agrees with us on a number of points that we advise our customers who are thinking about Solar Hot Water Systems.  While cost effective, and traditionally known as the best "bang for the buck" when contemplating a renewable energy system, SHW has many pitfalls,  They are:

Same Sun in Rutland Magazine

Great article about Same Sun in this quarter's Rutland Magazine.  

Images from the article are below.  The magazine can be found at any one of these locations in Southern Vermont.  Pick one up today!

Same Sun in the Green Energy Times!

Great article on the Alderman installation in the current copy of the Green Energy Times.  To summarize, Phil Alderman describes how the principle of "good community citizenship" influenced his decision.  Through his grid-tied, net metered installation, his business is now sending clean energy into the grid when his panels are producing more than can be used.  This occurs during the daytime, or peak usage time, when the grid is most burdened, and impacts the mix for all of us.

Clean Energy American Jobs - 2.7 Million and Counting

I saw the following ad on TV the other night and some of the facts really grabbed me.   This is not a political statement, as we do not beleve that energy is inherently political, and not an endorsement for the Presidential Election, but seeing the emplyment figure of 2.7 million written on a solar panel was pretty compelling.


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