Same Sun Solar Societies

"Society Happens When Like-Minded People Join Together"

During our time in business, we've had the pleasure of installing solar on scores of Vermont residences and business. We've also come across many, many situations where someone wanted to go solar, but did not have a viable roof and could not, or did not want to use their grounds.  

We've seen the growth of so-called community solar projects.  In the lion's share of these projects, a solar company or developer builds a large-scale array and leases the power to a group of individuals.  In these cases, the project is owned by the developer, who takes the tax credit and  usually sells the renewable energy certificates (REC).  We've seen contracts where the lessee is not allowed to claim that they are solar-powered!  At best, the individual is trading their utility bill for a lease payment--perhaps with a modest saving in utility cost overall--but payments continue for a fixed 20 or 25-year period.  Plus, there is often a fee to cancel a lease in the event that someone moves.  


These projects tend to be marketed as being for, or benefiting, a particular community. But the developer is really getting the benefits, and the folks that join in are only seeing a small fraction.  At Same Sun, we believe that Societies are not bound by geography -- only by the shared desire to create clean solar energy.  The only requirement is that all members of a given Society are in the same Utility territory.  

With our Solar Societies, you can OWN a share of the array, and take all of the tax and REC benefits.  Plus, the intial investment will pay itself back long before the end of the ownership period, leaving you with YEARS of free electricity.


Here is how a Solar Society works; the system generates energy and receives production credits, that are sent to the individual owners' accounts via the state's Group Net Metering Laws.  

We project that the beneftis of the system, which is for everyone, Rate 1 + the 4-cent GMP tariff, regardless of the account billing structure, will exceed the net cost of ownership, i.e. gross price less the 30% tax credit in the 11th year of ownership, leaving 14 years of FREE electricity!






Interested?  Contact Us if you'd like more information, or to see if you are a good candidate for one of our Solar Societies.


Below are some photos and mock-ups of our first Society project that is now under construction in Poultney.