About Us

Our Story

Same Sun of Vermont Inc. was established in 2011 by Marlene Lederman Allen and Philip Allen. Marlene had been a commercial real estate appraiser in New York City and San Francisco and Philip a fine art dealer in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. In 2003, they purchased a home in Rutland, Vermont as a vacation spot for themselves and their, at that time, one-year-old twins. With each visit they felt they should live in Vermont and raise their children here. 

In 2006, the family moved to Vermont full time, and in 2007, placed a rooftop solar array on their home. They marveled at the effectiveness and simplicity of the clean solar energy as it powered their home, at the joy of owning their own power source, and of watching their electric meter spin backwards as excess energy was sent into the grid. In 2010, after placing a second ground-mount solar installation at their home, Philip and Marlene became convinced that solar power must be the engine that drives America’s energy independence and that Vermont is uniquely positioned to be a leader in this cause.

Khanti Munro,  a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, is our Vice President.  Most recently, Mr. Munro was chiefly responsible for leading Positive Energy, once called Positive Construction, into the solar business and spearheading its expansion to Vermont. A long-time PV industry member, Khanti has also been employed by SunEdison and has been an ISPQ Certified PV Instructor with Solar Energy International (SEI).  

Our two full-time crews are under the direction of Project Manager Tyler Crow and Lead Installers Jonathan Klos and Matthew Cooper.  Tyler and Jon are graduates of Green Mountain College.   Matt is an experienced electrician.  All have not only experience and training, but bring a real passion for what they do.   


Our Mission & Philosophy

Same Sun of Vermont has four important goals:

  1. That we will, through the sale and placement of solar installations, make Vermont a leader in the production of clean solar power.
  2. That our focus will be the empowerment of home owners and small business owners through the creation of their own energy.
  3. That solar power means Jobs for Vermont. Solar power cannot be outsourced. We employ project managers, contractors, roofers and electricians—whose workload has suffered since the housing market crash--to complete each solar installation at your home or business.
  4. That solar power means Jobs for America. Same Sun of Vermont exclusively uses American-made products and labor. We work with a manufacturer, Solar World (www.solarworld-usa.com) that employs American labor for every aspect of production, from the scientists and engineers who develop the technology, to suppliers that manufacture the components, to the factory worker and assembly facilities.


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